Red Hen Productions is an independent production company based in Surrey, UK and California USA which develops & creates advertising campaigns for corporate & brands using visual narratives. In addition we produce award winning drama web series, online lifestyle & entertainment shows. 


Frederick D Stephenson


is an Award-Winning an American Director of Photography living in London. Since graduating from LFA in 2012 with a Filmmaking Certificate he has gone on to become the founder of Red Hen Productions where he serves as a Director/Writer/DOP.  


Siddharth Joshi


Having joined in 2015, Siddharth graduated from the University of Surrey with an BA Hons. Film & Creative Writing Degree. His experience of working as a development assistant inspired him further to pursue a career in film production. Currently, Siddharth is overseeing the development and involved with the projects that are being produced at Red Hen Production.


John Avery

Music Director/Sound Editor/Writer

Is the Music and Sound Director for the Award-Winning web series "Heads & Tails".  With his cutting edge conceptual style of music, sound, and audio production he delivers a unique signature to each production. His music draws its cues from many genres which include ambient, house, and video game applications.  John is instrumental in creating soundscapes which fully submerse  audiences in every visual environment. 


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Red Hen Productions


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